AIDS Healthcare Foundation Partnership

We recently received a grant from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and a part of it, of course, goes to counseling and testing for HIV in the rural villages where Aid Africa works. We are very pleased to add this project to our others.aids-poster-w-peter

All of our staff have received training about HIV and AIDS. We are not a medical organization, though, so we take healthcare professionals with us for the testing.

We’re having our Fall Celebration tomorrow, so I had this poster made showing a few photos of our community meeting a couple of weeks ago.

Visit our web site at to learn more about our projects.




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Aid Africa’s Interns Make News

Aid Africa was host to five university students from early June through mid-August.

Christina Rice of Princeton University stayed a with us for bout two months documenting our stove manufacturing processes, interviewing villagers about our products to see what they do and don’t like an then interviewing the staff to see what management improvements we can make. A lot of great work!

IMG_1850 Resized

This link will show you a video of what our four students from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo were up to, making a solar cooker using a photovoltaic panel.

It’s exciting to have these bright young people focus their enthusiasm on helping the very poor people that Aid Africa serves.

IMG_2159 Resized

You can also visit the Aid Africa web site at aidafrica.netlogo_with-icons





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Transforming Lives Presentation

This article in the Ventura Star gives details about a presentation about worldwide poverty and how Aid Africa is doing its part in combatting it. If you’re in the area, please consider coming. It will be interesting and informative.

Newspaper Article Trimmed

If for some reason you can’t see the photo, the essential information is: Peter Keller, Executive Director of Aid Africa, will be presenting a forum on poverty in the world and especially in northern Uganda at the Unitarian Church at 3327 Old Conejo Road in Newbury Park. It will be this Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 7 p.m. It’s free and a public event. Please come!

Peter at a well assessment in Koch Goma, Uganda in May, 2016IMG_3477 REsized Peter pump bg

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We’ve got bricks!


Bricks! We have 80,000 – enough for 10,000 stoves. We hire extra brick makers during the dry season (Nov. through March) to get ahead.

This inventory supports our village distribution events that we do year round.

4- women carrying stoves to huts-1

Headed home: efficient stoves that will

  • burn less fuel
  • cook better
  • reduce smoke-induced eye infections
  • reduce the risk of castostophic burns and fires
  • lead to better lives

Can you contribute to help us get these bricks out to the remote villages?

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Mother’s Day is Baby’s Day

mothers day 2

Happy Mother’s Day.

In 2015 500 Birthing Kits were assembled by Aid Africa volunteers and sent to developing countries to save the lives of mothers and their babies.  We distributed 267 birthing kits directly to pregnant women with training for their use provided by our Ugandan Aid Africa staff. That is a potentially life-saving gift for both mother and child. Just last month Aid Africa Executive Director Peter Keller presented a whole bag full of them at Onkako Health Centre that went straight to expectant mothers. You can learn more about our missions for healthcare here.

mothers day 1




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Getting our hands dirty on Earth Day

Earthday 1

Just another day for Aid Africa to be green.

  • Planting fruit and shade trees in deforested areas
  • turning muddy sloughs into a protected supply of clean drinking water
  • converting sawdust and riverbank clay into insulation bricks for our fuel-efficient stoves
  • modifying the cooking platform at a hospital with stoves that burn better with less wood

That’s what we are doing on Earth Day and every day in Sub-Saharan African communities.

There is lots more to tell here.

earthday 2


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Training day

fbHere is what we do – and we think we do it pretty darn well. Those are two of our staff members from our office in Gulu in Northern Uganda. Behind them watching are members of a village assembled for a stove distribution. Those bricks on the left were made at Aid Africa’s brick site and the photo only shows a smidgen of all the bricks we brought to this event. The villagers are being shown how one of our rocket stoves is assembled and are hearing how it is going to change their lives. In a few minutes, they are going to spread out and assemble their very own stove. They will take it to their hut and use mud to enclose it and secure it against the wall of the hut. Then they will have a far more efficient means to cook; less wood to be scavenged in a depleted area, less smoke in the eyes of their children, less chance that cooking might ignite the straw roof of their hut.

YOU can help us with your contribution. A little bit of money goes a long way to help Aid Africa bring more stoves to more families. Read more about our stove projects.

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