Clean Water Saves Lives!

Aid Africa at work! Eighty percent of communicable diseases are water born. If we can give a community water that’s clean where the pigs and goats don’t pee and poo in it, we can cut worms and deadly diseases like cholera and typhoid by 80%! Here’s a 40-second video about a well that serves a hundred patients a day in the village of Pabwo.

Visit to learn more about our wells and sheltered springs.

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Aid Africa Repairs Broken Borehole

We visited the village of Otege Oguru outside Gulu, Uganda to inspect a well Aid Africa repaired. It serves about 110 families plus a school of about 500 local students – a total of about 800 people. They won’t have to share their water supply with all the goats and pigs and cows who pee and poo wherever the wish. No more cholera, no more typhoid, no more intestinal worms! Watch this 1-minute video. Visit for more information.

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Aid Africa In the News!

Here’s an article in the Crescenta Valley Weekly, our local newspaper, about Aid Africa’s Walk for Water on March 25, 2017:

For more information about Aid Africa’s Walk for Water, visit:

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Clean Water Saves Lives


For more information about Aid Africa’s water projects, visit

To learn about how Aid Africa drills its wells, watch this short video:

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Aid Africa Saves Lives With Efficient Stoves


To learn more about Aid Africa’s stoves, visit

Be sure to watch our short video about stoves here:

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Aid Africa Grows and Distributes Trees



For more information about trees, visit

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation Partnership

We recently received a grant from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and a part of it, of course, goes to counseling and testing for HIV in the rural villages where Aid Africa works. We are very pleased to add this project to our others.aids-poster-w-peter

All of our staff have received training about HIV and AIDS. We are not a medical organization, though, so we take healthcare professionals with us for the testing.

We’re having our Fall Celebration tomorrow, so I had this poster made showing a few photos of our community meeting a couple of weeks ago.

Visit our web site at to learn more about our projects.




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