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Walk 4 Water,Sat 9/15, Montrose, CA!

Please join us this Saturday, September 15 at 9am in Montrose Community Park for the Walk for Water fundraiser event. Learn about water access in the developing world, and help us support this great cause. Fun for friends and family … Continue reading

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Sheltered Spring Assessment in Patiko

July 14, 2018 – assessing a well in Patiko village, Uganda. Assessing and repairing existing wells is an essential task for rebuilding sustainable communities in rural Uganda. 2.1 billion people globally lack access to safe, readily available water at home according … Continue reading

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Rocket Stove Distribution in Lapainda

July 9, 2018 – distributing Rocket Stoves in Lapainda village, Uganda. Did you know that half of the world still cooks on open fires? Six Brick Rocket Stoves use almost a third of the wood needed for an open fire, and … Continue reading

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Clean, Accessible Water = Life

April 30, 2018 – assessing wells in Gulu District, Uganda. Aid Africa builds sheltered springs, drills new wells, and repairs broken water pumps for local villages. Simply sheltering a natural spring can protect a water source from contamination by water-borne pathogens. … Continue reading

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Tree Distribution in Bolipii

April 20, 2018 – distributing soursop and orange trees in Bolipii Village, Gulu District, Uganda. These fruit tree seedlings are ready to plant and will produce enough fruit for family use within 3-5 years, along with extra yield that can … Continue reading

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Rocket Stoves in Gulu

April 19, 2018 – distributing Rocket Stoves in Gulu District, Uganda. Six Brick Rocket Stoves are cheap and sustainable and greatly improve cooking efficiency vs. cooking over open fires. Aid Africa continues rebuilding sustainable communities in Sub-Saharan Africa! Learn more … Continue reading

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November, 2017 Dear Friends, I keep thinking of the people Aid Africa serves and how they benefit? I’m always asking if we’re doing our best for them. Is there a better way of doing something? What else should we be … Continue reading

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