Empty Bowls Celebration Recalled In a Short Video

2013 Fall Celebration volunteers

In November 2013 we celebrated the lives changed and villages transformed by Aid Africa’s projects in Northern Uganda since our work began 8 years ago.

Working together with the rural villagers we have dug new, rehabilitated and maintained 400 wells and covered springs to provide drinking water; provided 60,000 low-emission cooking stoves to 200 villages; set up tree nurseries from which 70,000 fruit and firewood trees have been distributed; and have initiated school child deworming and health checks.

Our candice and brianfriends at Agent Chill Entertainment, Candice Rusch and Brian Byrd created a short video of the Celebration entitled Empty Bowls. Check it out – there is an African hut, a 6-brick rocket stove, a mock-up of a well drilling rig, and a few words from Peter about our work. Many thanks to Candice and Brian for producing great video. You can see more about Candice and Brian and their work at https://www.facebook.com/AgentChillEntertainment


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