We’re making progress. Thanks for Helping!

Thanks to all our supporters for helping Aid Africa better the lives of very poor people in Northern Uganda.

ImageThis year we started a new program of distributing de-worming pills in the rural communities of Northern Uganda. Our staff travels to community health centers and primary schools to distribute the pills – 12¢ each. Intestinal worms mostly come from drinking polluted water and cause many kinds of problems for people. The worms take the nutrition from food meant for a person.

DSC00249_1 Adj Resized ShoppedThe big bellies on children doesn’t mean they’re fat; it means they’re full of worms! That means that over time a child is smaller, weaker, not as lively and less resistant to disease. Just one pill can eradicate the worms for about six months, giving a child time to grow and develop normally. It’s not a one-time fix. More dirty water means the worms return!

This de-worming program is a result of the generosity of our donors and the enthusiasm of one of our visitors, Maron. It’s not hard to make a difference. You have helped. You are making a real difference in real people’s lives.

Africa staff works every day in the villages, helping people to live better lives. Would you like to see that? Would you like to visit and participate, too? We’ve had dozens of volunteers come to visit us in Uganda over the years. You are welcome, too.

p1020322_1 Adjusted Resized

This is Mary from Washington, but it could be you! To find out more about opportunities to visit or volunteer, email info@aidafrica.net.

Visit aidafrica.net for more information.

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