Worms and Water – easy solutions to a big problem

Maron Nasser was Peter and Irene’s daughter Epoña’s best friend through junior high and high school. She has been an EMT in the Atlanta area for many years. She recently returned to school and has graduated as an R.N. She had expressed interest in coming to Uganda and decided this was her best opportunity.

Maron became concerned aChild with belly full of wormsbout the distended tummies many of the rural children have, mostly caused by worms. There’s a great story here, but the essential fact is that we’ve started a de-worming program that Maron has paid for. We’ve teamed with another organization, CHODA, and one of their staff physicians to distribute tablets to children. Aid Africa works with the village health teams, the Local Chairman and the district health officer to help oversee the program. Worms take the nutrition out of the food meant for the child. A worm free child will be bigger, stronger, more disease resistant and be smarter. A course for a small child is one pill for 12¢. That’s good for about a half year, until the kids become re-infected. We give talks about sanitation and hygiene and the importance of washing hands. It really comes down to providing clean water.

Aid Africa can provide that needed clean water as it digs, repairs and maintains vital water sources – including sheltered springs and wells – critical for providing life-sustaining and worm-free clean water. More information about our water projects.

In addition to providing medicine to eliminate worms in children, Aid Africa also provides life-saving health care to children suffering from MAD (malaria, anemia, and diarrhea).

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