We’re Going to Uganda


Would you be willing to skip a handful of coffees over the next couple weeks in order to help provide water for a thirsty child?


Would you forego a restaurant meal to provide help to provide water for an entire village?

 Can you help us raise $2500 in less than  three weeks?

In just two weeks, I’m taking a team back to Northern Uganda. Tens of thousands of people live in villages with no clean drinking water. Many are dying needlessly of waterborne diseases from the contaminated surface water they drink. By using simple human-powered technologies (developed by some of our big-hearted engineer friends!), we can provide new wells – with clean water — for a fraction of the cost of commercial well drilling.

That $2,500 will allow us to complete five new shallow wells in the impoverished Ugandan villages. (Compare that to the $10,000 required to dig one deep well!) There are trade-offs, of course, but these simple wells will bring immediate relief to thirsty people in desperate need of clean water.

 Can you make a donation of $35, $50, or $100today? Or more?

 Here’s how you can do it: the simplest way is to go to our website (www.AidAfrica.net) and click on the DONATE button. Or mail your check to

Aid Africa

3916 Pennsylvania Avenue.

La Crescenta, CA 91214

The thirsty people of Northern Uganda will thank you. And I personally thank you.


 Peter Keller

Executive Director, Aid Africa


PS. We’re leaving soon. Please respond quickly if you can help.  

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