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Many are helping African’s help themselves….

As a board member of Aid Africa, Im pleased to see Jeff Sach’s share how African is making progress. Connecting local people to health care is just one of the things Aid Africa does as part of its part in this journey. Read this article http://www… Continue reading

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Year End Fundraising Celebration

Got an email from our Ex Director Peter Keller the other day sharing with the board that we received over $5000 in year end donations and that more than 3 times of what came in last year for the same events. This is really exciting because the wor… Continue reading

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The World Wide Web

Aid Africa was created after we went to Lira with Ken Goyer in May 2005. Most of our supporters and contributors were from Eugene where Ken lived and from Los angeles where Peter Keller lives. We’ve expanded geographically since then. This photo i… Continue reading

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Five American nurses head to Uganda to assemble 175 stoves

Five nurses from the U.S. with the organization Sustianable Health Abroad will be arriving in Gulu,Uganda around January 23rd. During their last visit, the rural Ugandan community they work with requested that they return with the knowledge and fu… Continue reading

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