Peter’s Going to Uganda!

Dear Friends

Going_to_Uganda_Blog_10-10-1I am leaving for Uganda again in about two weeks. “Again?” you ask. “Why do you have to go so often?” That sounds like a question I ask myself! First, I go for myself; I enjoy it. When I’m there working with the Aid Africa staff I get so excited about the things we’re doing and the possibilities of what can be. “If only we could….” My friend and founder of Aid Africa, Ken Goyer, had visions like those, too, and he made some of them real. I hope to do that too.

The very day I arrive I get to work and both lead and learn every day until I get on the plane to leave. I’m always excited to go and I’m always glad to come home. I am making a difference. But all this is not really about me. I am your servant; I travel and work for you.

I am so very proud of our staff in Uganda and the things they do and I’m pleased to see them mature as individuals and in their jobs over the three years we’ve been together. And they inspire me. We help people – real people who need some assistance. I can see real results of our three years of efforts on their behalf. It couldn’t have been done overnight. It takes years and lots of effort to make permanent sustainable changes in the communities there.

I get to go to the villages, meet the people and see how our projects help them. And I like working with people in the communities, actually helping to assemble stoves or dig wells or whatever. Those conversations I have with them are priceless memories. Entire communities are benefiting from our efficient stoves and soon they will literally harvest the fruit of their labor through our tree-planting program.

It is your support that keeps me going, spiritually, of course but financially, too. You are the key to changing the lives of the people of Northern Uganda. Your contribution to Aid Africa really makes a difference in the lives of individual people who have been dealt life-threatening circumstances. Our mission is to be of the most use to the Ugandans in need – through wells, stoves, saving sick babies, growing and distributing trees, and providing villages with health education. We continue to help them and we see their future improving right now!

Back in the office, I do management stuff. I go over the books with Priscilla, and see if there are personnel issues to resolve. I consult with each staff person to see if there is something I can do to make his or her job better. And I give specific directions for implementing our programs.

All these things I do on your behalf! You can help change an entire community by supplying them with trees. Just $300 will change a bag of seeds into a community resource. $500 will repair a broken well. $1000 will give every household in a village an efficient stove.

Your financial gifts – great and small – are Aid Africa’s lifeblood, allowing us to bring hope and sustainable change to needy communities ravaged by war and poverty. And a monthly gift of any amount will help us continue to transform these lives and communities. Think about what you could give every month that won’t impact you quality of life.

Aid Africa continues to push toward our goal of rebuilding 1,000 sustainable communities and effecting over 100,000 lives! As we do, we are counting on your continued partnership and support. Please continue to invest, as generously as you able, in this life-changing work.

Donate Online at: For your monthly donation, we’ll help you set up a regular payment through your bank’s electronic bill paying system. If you would prefer to contribute by mail, please send a check to: Aid Africa, 3916 Pennsylvania Avenue, La Crescenta, CA 91214

Warm regards,
Peter Keller
Executive Director

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