What is Aid Africa doing now?

Aid Africa is busy with its work of saving and improving the lives in Northern Uganda and nothing makes me happier than telling you about some of our activities.

 DSCF8721-Resized-Web.jpgWalk on the Lakeside 

It’s just three weeks to Aid Africa’s 3rd Annual 5K Walk/Run. Be sure to put May 22nd on your calendar for our fun (and fund) raising event. This year, we’ll be at beautiful Lake Balboa, part of Beilenson Park in the Sepulveda Basin. It looks like we’ll be having a good turnout of young people with the addition of a small middle school participating with us. Run as fast as you can or pick up your caffeine beverage and jitter around the lake at your leisure. You’ll have Aid Africa’s newest t-shirt design to let people know you are a supporter! We’re hoping to see at least 500 people with bright orange t-shirts making you all obvious supporters of Aid Africa along the route. To sign up visit Aid Africa’s 3rd Annual 5K Walk/Run web page. http://aidafrica.net/5k_run_walk_welcome.html. We’ll have some prizes and a raffle, too.

Are you already busy that day? Or you don’t even live in Southern California? Don’t fret! You can be a Virtual Walker. Participate and support Aid Africa right from your computer chair! Set a goal of $100, $300, $1000 or more and then call, email, Facebook, Twitter or even (Gasp!) talk personally with your relatives, friends, coworkers, and strangers on the street to help raise awareness and financial support for our work to the “poorest of the poor in Uganda.” You’ll find our Sponsor Pledge Form at http://aidafrica.net/images/2010_run_walk_images/sponsor_form_2010.pdf.



Our staff is working hard to recover from a major wild fire
that caused serious damage, killing our seedlings and saplings.

Devastating Fire Wiped Out Nursery

Wild fire swept through Aid Africa’s tree nursery at Monroc recently, destroying the nursery’s infrastructure and equipment and killing almost all the seedlings. Plus, the fire came just before planting season, thus wiping out an entire year’s crop! For a report on this accident with some pictures from our Peace Corps volunteer, Steve Worrell, click on this link.

Your help is essential to rebuild the nursery and restart our reforestation program. The beginning of the rainy season is upon us – the best time to plant new seedlings – and time is of the essence. To stay on track with our goal of a planting 1,000,000 trees in the next five years, we need $20,000 above our usual ongoing expenses by May 15 to rebuild the nursery and replant next year’s crop of seedlings. You have been so generous to us in the past. Your financial support will help us respond to this tragedy and emerge even stronger for the work ahead.

And why do we plant trees? Deforestation rates have skyrocketed, due to rapid increase in population, limited infrastructure and economic options. Deforestation is quickly turning good farmland into arid wastelands. In order for Uganda to pursue a road to stability and self-sufficiency, reforestation must be a keystone of our efforts. Read my blog post about the value of trees: Growing a Future.

 We’ve also posted a brief outline from Steve of our recovery plan here.

Please send a generous contribution right now. A check in the mail is great, or you can visit the “Donate” page at http://www.aidafrica.net.

Life-Saving and Life-Changing Work

Uganda has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world. National statistics tell us that a child passes away every two minutes because they do not have access to clean water. We continue to save children’s lives by providing access to medical treatment and locating local sources of clean water. Our goal is to provide each village with three local sources of water – digging or repairing 3,000 wells and sheltered springs.

Because of your generous support, we have been able to build thousands of stoves, dig wells, plant trees, save the lives of hundreds of children, and continue to educate and support Rosette’s Kids and the Pearls of Africa orphanage. Your gifts are making a real difference in lives and villages of Northern Uganda!

A gift today, in any amount, will help us to continue to support the national staff and the life-changing work they are doing in Uganda. Visit the “Donate” page at http://www.aidafrica.net.

Thank you!

Especially in this challenging season, we are grateful for the life-changing work that has been entrusted to us and for the generosity and support you continue to show to Aid Africa. Your investments – your financial gifts, your volunteer time, your prayers, and your willingness to share our work with others – are literally saving the lives of children and building a brighter future for some of the world’s poorest people.

Thank you for your support!

Peter Keller
President, Aid Africa


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