You can help now!

One million Acholi people in Northern Uganda are starving, with no clean water, and many are dying while others live in appalling conditions after over 20 years of war.

Aid Africa needs your help to save lives and bring hope to these desperate people.


For want of one bolt, 1,000 people in a village can die of thirst when a well is broken.

  • Aid Africa is dedicated to fixing that.
  • Aid Africa shelters springs, drills new wells, and repairs old wells.

You can provide water to thirsty people.


For want of good seed, seedlings and farm tools, people are starving.

  • Aid Africa is dedicated to helping people feed themselves.
  • Aid Africa has a tree nursery providing trees for food, fuel, and reforestation.

You can help people feed themselves.


For want of transportation, babies die from malaria, anemia, and diarrhea.

  • Aid Africa is dedicated to saving lives.
  • Aid Africa provides transport to clinics and pays for the needed care.

You can save a baby’s life.


For want of an efficient stove, women spend hours gathering fuel. They and their children suffer respiratory diseases and blindness from the smoke of open fires.

  • Aid Africa is dedicated to ending that.
  • Aid Africa works with local people to build fuel-efficient stoves that burn cleanly.

You can protect the health of women and their families.


For want of traditional knowledge, crops are failing, people have only polluted water to drink, and a generation has little hope.

  • Aid Africa is dedicated to changing that.
  • Aid Africa is empowering the people in Northern Uganda through education.

You can bring hope through education.

You can help now!
Please donate to the work of Aid Africa, planting trees, finding clean water, saving babies, building stoves, and educating people.

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